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Current Project

Arthur-Shawanee Utility District is very excited to announce that construction has begun on a much-
needed project in the Powell Valley Community.


Work has now begun to construct approximately 7,500 linear feet of 10” PVC water line and a 400,000-gallon water storage tank.

This project has been made possible through the hard work of the Arthur-Shawanee Utility Board and all
the employees of the utility.

The Utility would like to thank Mitchell Brunsma of Vaugn & Melton Engineering for the design and
inspection, the Appalachian Regional Commission for the ARC grant and the State of TN for the State
Revolving Fund low interest loan with principal forgiveness that helped make this project possible.
The contract was awarded to Dwane Byrd of Byrd Construction.


They completion date is set for February of 2022 as of now. We will be updating our web site as the project progresses.

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